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Game of Throne Season 8 | tech Reviews of final Ending

Game of Throne Season 8 | tech Reviews of final Ending. Read about the most popular TV serial ever and reviews of its final season in which it will be decided- who wins the Game of Throne and who dies.
The shooting of the final season has been completed and it is very difficult to suggest one particular end of "Game of throne" because directors have shot multiple endings of the season and which end will be finalized, it is still not confirmed.

But we have captured some possible endings of "Game of Throne" here - just for you friends.
  1. Mother of Dragon Wins the"Iron Throne"
  2. Jon Snow Wins the "Iron Throne" and Khaleesi dies
  3. White Walkers win the"Iron Throne" and kill everyone else
  4. Arya Stark - "Girl is Noone" wins the "Iron Throne" and kills all the people in her killing list: 
  5. Cersei Lannister Wins "Iron Throne" and kills white walker
  6. Theon Grayjoy may also win the "Iron Throne"
  7. Tyrion Lannister may also have some chances to win the throne
  8. Sansa 
  9. Bastard son of the king Robert Baratheon 
  10. Bran Stark : He has strong chances of winning the Iron throne, it is because he has been kept alive through out all the seasons and now he has some power of watching everything happening in the world.  

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