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Phone of the Year 2018- OnePlus6

Phone of the year -2018: OnePlus 6, why we are calling it so, read and know what amazing features that this phone have to become the best phone of the year 2018?
It is the best-value phone for its price- $529 or more depending upon your locations, but we have to confess that this phone has everything equal to its price.
It is the unique quality of the company that made magic again with the launch of OnePlus6 and here is the thing, though. This Phone has cool hardware and features that many people want and thankfully OnePlus could genuinely fulfill that.
Though OnePlus is a Chinese company but now it has gathered enough trust in the hearts of millions and millions of users from different countries. And you can say that the phone doesn’t support wireless charging but it charges well using Dash charging in few minutes.
And why would you compare this phone with iPhoneX?
Both has different companies and brand value, in fact price of OnePlus6 is much less that iPhoneX but has same features like face unlock, though it is not that much secure. It is because this phone can be hacked into without the owners permission, but hacking takes a lot of time, and it is not a child’s play. It takes someone professional hacker to do that, so don’t worry you are safe with this phone.

Price of OnePlus6 – $529 or more | Read : Why you should not buy OnePlus6: Phone of the year?

Best battery Backup

It has batter backup of around 14 to 15 hour after once  fully charged, and the best part to compare with iPhoneX or Pixel 2XL is that it last longer than both the phones.

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