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What is coming up next - Paid guest Blogging
Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging | SEO | Build Quality Backlinks: Did you know what is backlink?
A backlink is a link on some other site pointing to your website or blog. If that website has good rank or traffic then the link is called quality backlink. And you should work only for quality backlinks, otherwise, you will waste both your time and money.
Free traffic or Backlinks work on these-

  1. Social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest etc
  2. Free Blog posting
  3. Forum posting
  4. Answering on Quora
  5. Commenting on posts on another blog, mind you are not spamming
Paid Guest Blogging
  1. Buy traffic, genuine of course
  2. Buy space for your link on already popular blogs
  3. And buy originally written articles to be posted on your blog
  4. Go for Sponsored Guest post
  5. Use Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging

  • You might be thinking of creating backlinks or quality backlinks for your new website or blog. But wait!
    You need to understand this- Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging, which one is better.
    Did you know about “Guest Blogging for creating quality backlinks”
    If not, it is okay!
    Read FAQ
  • But now if you know what are Quality backlinks and want to create them for your website. Start with Guest blogging
  • Now, which guest blogging- Free or Paid?
    Hold yourself tight, We recommend you- Paid, why?
    One: you want quality backlinks for sure, and quality doesn’t come free.
    Second: if you go for paid guest blogging then you are going to get links from already popular sites.
  • Don’t worry you will cost you money but your website will get noticed by Google

What if you go for Free Guest Blogging?

No problem with that too, there are some blogs where you can write free guest posting. You can approach them professionally and they will allow you guest posting.
The only problem with this is that it will take more time. It is because Free Posting on another site might give you backlinks but they may not be of good quality. Right?
 “Always pay the price for things that you want, begging never makes you the owner of it.”

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