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Best Transformable chair and its review

BeYou - The Transforming Chair With 10+ Ways You Can Sit

Now you can enjoy the benefits of movement when sitting. Focus, relax & work comfortably in many positions that feel great to be you.

Instead of telling you how to sit, BeYou transforms so you can finally sit comfortably in any position that feels great… to be you.

Sitting on your BeYou is just as intuitive as tossing and turning while you sleep. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s time to switch positions.

Then, all you have to do is listen to it. BeYou does the rest. Simply adjust and in only a few seconds, the possibilities are endless!

With your BeYou transforming chair, you can do waaay more than just sit.

You’re free to work on your laptop, play on your phone, lounge to relax, take a zen moment to yourself, do a few yoga poses and even take a power nap.  

BeYou is more thoughtful than a glass of wine on a bad day and more versatile than a Swiss army knife. 

Your BeYou comes with... wings. Yeah, for real. Kinda 😉 They support you no matter how you choose to sit. They are plush and comfy like grandpa's favourite armchair, yet look super sleek and modern.

They’re incredibly easy to adjust. It only takes one click! And you can do it all while sitting down. Put them all the way up, open them flat or anything in between. Whatever works for you.

Each wing can be set in 5 positions. Use them as armrests, backrest, support for your knees, the perfect place to put up your feet or even as yoga blocks.

The adjustable backrest lets you slide it up and down so you get additional back support, even for taller people. Plus, this lets you adjust the height when you're using it as a seat or table.

The backrest adjusts in all the right places to make sure BeYou feels like home. Move it backwards or forwards, up or down and even tilt it slightly.

But this is so much more than a backrest. When horizontal, it unlocks a whole new list of ways you can sit, relax or work on your BeYou. 

Use it as a laptop stand or a table that’s perfect for your lunch. Or what might be the world's comfiest elbow pad. It fits under your desk and makes typing on your keyboard much easier.

No, we’re not done. You can use the backrest as a seat and finally sit comfortably with your legs crossed in a chair made for you. Rest your knees or feet on the seat and play around to find what feels good.

With so many of us working remotely now, you can trust that BeYou is perfect for your home or office setup.

The minimalist and timeless design looks great in any room. BeYou transforms to help you sit better no matter if you’re working or relaxing... or both.

When you can change your position easily so you feel more comfortable, your level of focus and productivity skyrockets. 

At home, you can relax and put your feet up, take a moment to unwind and meditate or simply sit comfortably while watching a movie.

BeYou is also perfectly tailored for your home office. Now you don’t have to move from the couch to the bed then to the floor, trying to find the perfect work spot.

To stay focused and productive, it's best to stick to a dedicated work space in your home. But you don't have to stick to one position. With BeYou, you can sit however you want.

BeYou fits under your desk no matter how you like to sit: lounge, cross legged and even backwards.

Your chair is made with top quality oak veneer. This makes your BeYou very strong, stable and durable.

Because mother nature is part of the BeYou, we are committed to do our part for mother nature. That's why we will plant 1 tree for every chair sold.

The custom built quick release hinges are at the heart of BeYou’s design. They’re super easy to use and help you transform your chair in a matter of seconds.

Bums and backs around the world will be thrilled to sit on BeYou’s extra comfortable high-quality foam cushions.

We made BeYou so you can use it for years to come. That's why we use a special cushion fabric that’s stain resistant and withstands wear and tear exceptionally well.

BeYou comes with a wide base and heavy duty auto-locking wheels that adapt to your weight placed on the chair. 

When you’re sitting down, it’s easy to move around with just a push of your legs. When you get up to get a coffee, the chair stays put because the wheels automatically lock in place.

The wheels work great on both carpet and hard surfaces. And you can use the wheels or the fixed casters (included in your package).

The BeYou wheel base is up to 40% wider than traditional chairs. Plus, we shifted the piston 4x further back compared to traditional chairs, which also shifts its centre of gravity, giving it excellent stability. 

That way, you can rely on the base and backrest to support you without compromise, even when using the backrest as a seat in the highest positions. 

You probably googled "ergonomic" at some point. But do you actually know what it means? 

It's actually pretty simple. It's something designed for efficiency and comfort in a working environment. BeYou easily checks all the boxes, which is why it's a truly ergonomic chair made for how you sit. 

When you're sitting for long hours every day, back pain is quite common. Because on BeYou it's so easy to change positions, you get a lot of variety. You're not forced to sit in one position, so there's no more stiffness.

BeYou's special backrest is a natural prompt for you to stay mindful of your posture. It's a great reminder to sit up straight on your own, without leaning back on a backrest that usually prompts us to slouch a little bit in our chairs.

And for those intense deep work sessions when you need the perfect support, the curved cushions frame your body better and the backrest goes up as high as 43cm / 16.9".

We believe your peace of mind is important. BeYou comes with a 1 year warranty, so you can focus on making the most of it and discovering your favourite positions. 

BeYou is all about helping you sit however it feels good to be you. The need to keep changing positions is natural. With BeYou, you can enjoy the benefits of movement even when you’re sitting.

We can’t promise you won’t get addicted to BeYou… but we can assure you you’ll love every second of it!   

How are we able to offer BeYou at such a competitive price? We cut out all the middlemen that inflate traditional retail prices, so we can bring you BeYou at the best possible rate. 

Shipping fees will be collected after the campaign ends, on BackerKit - the pledge management platform we'll be using. Please check out our FAQs for more information. 

 Weight: 25kg (55 pounds)
 Supports up to: 181 kg (400 pounds) on the main seat. For the sitting positions where you use the backrest as a seat, we’ve tested it so far to 125 kg (275 pounds).
BeYou Unboxing & Assembly Video

You can put together your BeYou chair in under 20 minutes 😊 with a screwdriver and a hex / Allen key (included in the package).

BeYou is built by a group of friends with decades of experience in sitting. We sit in an office, we sit working from home, we sit down to relax, we sit while eating. But despite our years of experience, we suck at it.

Jennifer is a fidgeter, always looking for the next (weird) spot she can sit in. David is the super focused type that converts into a statue for hours, then struggles to un-stiff himself (easier said than done!). Kate can only sit cross legged, so she always ends up sitting on the floor. Macey is a yoga addict who does yoga poses day and night. Mark randomly squats cause that’s what feels comfortable to him. And Phil’s just using every possible moment to chill, he sleeps anytime, anywhezzzzzzzzzzz.

So we wanted to do better for ourselves... and for you. BeYou is the only chair that solved our different problems and transformed all our lives. 

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