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Fussy is the refillable deodorant turning the tide on single-use plastic

The best way to Please your pits and the planet. fussy is the refillable deodorant turning the tide on single-use plastic.

#Fussy_Deodrant_Review #LTRMagazine #TechReviews We’re fussy... about everything. So when we noticed the huge amounts of single-use plastic ending up in our Oceans 🌊from everyday bathroom items like deodorant, we had to wonder if there was a better way. And it turns out there is. This is our story so far and we’d love for your armpits to be a part of it. It’s super simple to use. You just drop a refill in and put the lid on. No fiddly cardboard tubes and no underarm creams, just an ordinary deodorant doing an extraordinary thing You will save the planet from at least 250 single-use plastic deodorants, simply by refilling ♻️ rather than throwing away. Power to your pits! And did you know, if refilling was applied to every product in the personal care industry we would reduce carbon emissions by a whopping 80-85%. Partnering with Empower, every fussy will fund the collection of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic.*🌊 Empower give plastic waste a monetary value by offering financial reward in return for the deposit of plastic. All the plastic is registered digitally when it’s deposited meaning we can track exactly where and when your impact is made. Fully transparent and traceable! This system not only prevents plastic from entering our oceans but provides a source of income for those that need it most. We've worked hard to make sure fussy has the lowest possible impact on the planet as possible. That's why the refills are made from waste sugarcane 🍬 and once empty will just decompose in your garden or the bin. And the biodegradable outer container is made from BPA-free plant-based plastic (made from 🌽). It actually absorbs CO2 during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission. With a beautiful organic and compact shape, fussy slips easily in a pocket or travel bag or any bag for that matter. Although we're pretty sure you won't want to hide it away. Fussy comes in five eye-melting colours πŸ‘€ so will fit with whatever your mood. Or go crazy and choose all five. Can’t find a colour you like? Drop us a line and let us know what colour you’d like to see next. We’ve 5 beautiful unisex scents πŸ’for you to choose from. They are all delicate blends of 100% natural essential oils and for those that are fresh enough already, there’s a fragrance-free option. Each scent was carefully developed by a multiple award-winning fragrance house πŸ† and tested by the fussiest of noses. Working with one of Europe's leading cosmetic chemists, 6 months, over 400 armpits, and 34 samples later, we have the perfect formula. What’s our secret ingredient? Well we don’t believe in keeping secrets so you can read about them all above. And of course it contains no aluminium, no parabens, no toxins, no synthetic fragrences, no palm oil and is fully vegan. We carried out a trial on over 400 fussy armpits, through hot summer days, HIIT classes and even saunas. It kept 98% of armpits smelling fresh for longer compared to our competitors. πŸ’ͺHere is a selection of the survey responses we collected. We’ve created a range of rewards to cover all budgets. At the end of our campaign we'll send you a quick form to fill out where you will be able to choose your colour and scents. You’ll also be able to order extra refills for £5 or roughly $6US. For more reviews visit - Thanks, credit - DM us on Whatsapp- ltr_magazine

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