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The Electric Road Scooter | Taur Review

 The Electric Road Scooter

Introducing TAUR – an evolution in electric scooter design.

Electric scooters have, until now, been based on a ‘kick-scooter’ design. An electric adaptation of a toy made for kids.

That’s why there was little consideration for withstanding potholes or powering up hills. They weren’t made to be ridden at night or for cruising alongside cars. Most other designs make you top heavy and needlessly close to the front wheel. Why? Because road-riding was never the goal.

In addition, most electric scooters take ages to charge, aren’t great to look at, can easily get stolen and require a PhD in engineering to change a tyre. With all this in mind and more, our co-founder, leading personal mobility engineer and all round legend, Carson Brown, put himself to the test of creating a better one.

The safest way to scope the road is facing forwards. TAUR’s foot platforms give you a dedicated standing space that’s 2.5x wider than a typical scooter deck.

The wider, lower, side-by-side ride position makes you incredibly stable and secure. With just a small shift in weight to either side, you get a flowing, effortless turn. It also allows you to turn your head easily in either direction for maximum traffic awareness.

The fold-down foot platforms are made of an aluminum alloy covered with a high-grip foot surface. Each one is big enough to hold a rider's foot comfortably (Size 12 Gang, we've got you) which creates a highly stable weight distribution either side of the frame. Shocks from uneven roads are no problem at all.

When you're done, just fold them up and you're good to go.

TAUR’s minimal design frees up space for bigger wheels – up to 3 times bigger than other brands. Because size matters. 

Potholes are a thing of the past thanks to our 12.5” kevlar-reinforced, puncture-resistant Continental® tyres. Impressive for a car, let alone a scooter.

Like some kind of two wheeled tank or G-Wagon, TAUR's deep treads cut right through to the tarmac so you won't fail to find traction, even on wet and slippery roads. 

Puncture? The Kevlar-reinforcement makes that very unlikely. But if you do get one, you can remove either wheel in under a minute and be back on the road in just a few more.

TAUR™ has a simple, elegant frame. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it's incredibly robust, lightweight and fully recyclable. Yes, we care for the planet. 

The automative-grade paint job is a matte powder-coat, giving TAUR™ a subtle but sophisticated look while still maintaining high levels of durability against marks and scratches.  

Who said night riding is a write-off? TAUR™ comes packed with a 300 lumen Cree® LED headlight with a high-power directional beam, giving even Batman a run for his money. This means you’ll have great visibility and plenty of time to react, even in the darkest of nights.

Safety doesn't stop there either. Unlike other products, which have a narrow front light, we specifically designed ours to contain frosted side layers that make riders visible from 240 degrees. That's right. Flex at every angle.

We're only satisfied with rear lighting that's visible at a driver's eye level. So, in addition to our highly visible front light, there's also an 80 lumen brake light at the rear, as well as a separate 100 lumen rear-projection light that utilizes TAUR's forward facing riding position. Shining a light onto the rider's back. So all eyes are on you – no paps please.

Imagine that hill you hate to walk up. Now imagine yourself zooming up it with ease. Thanks to our 500W motor in action, you have a top speed of 24mph (39 kph) and a range of 22 miles (35km). 

But it's not just the motor, it's the batteries too. We use high performance cells specifically chosen to give maximum torque from the motor. 

TAUR™ comes with 3 power modes: 

 ECO MODE -  Don't blast off the block, but you'll recharge less often.

 ROAD MODE - Everyday travel with great speed and acceleration. 

 SPORT MODE - Because life’s is too short to not go fast! 

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Charge Up & Charge On

Nobody likes waiting for things to charge. Especially Carson Brown. TAUR™ comes with a 125W charger to power up our high performance batteries up to 3x faster than the average electric scooter.

Moreover, our smart battery management system (BMS) ensures that TAUR™ is aware of what's going on. The system takes readings several times per second, to make sure your battery is healthy and happy. It also means accurate range prediction, so you really know when you do/don't need a charge.

 80% charge in 2 hours. Or by the time the game is over.

 100% in under 3 hours. Extra time? Guess that’s extra power.

At The Flick of Your Thumb 

Even while riding TAUR™, all of its functionality is accessible. Cruise control, sound the horn, change performance modes, turn the lights on and more. 

Switch up your ride any time with a 5-way thumb-controlled joystick and cycle through modes on a display that doesn’t look like your 6th grade calculator.

The Fort Knox Of Scooters

Keep your enemies at bay. TAUR™ is secure and rideable only to people you grant permission. Simply tap your key fob, or use our app to unlock via bluetooth. 

They’ll Need A Bigger Chainsaw

Park up anywhere stress-free by running a lock through the frame and front wheel (or both!). Oh, and you can set a security alarm too – anyone moving it for more than a few seconds will get a lot of unwanted attention (settings in app).

N.B. Lock not included.

Carry On

Don’t let the sleek lines fool you – folding TAUR™ only takes a few seconds. The kick-actuated handle unlocks the hinge which allows the steering column to clip safely into a reinforced steel support under the mudguard.

And despite packing a performance punch and incredible robustness, TAUR only weighs 15.5kg (34lbs). 

Always TAUR, Sometimes Decor

Electric scooters can be a pain to store. So, we thought we'd try and make its footprint even smaller. TAUR™ stands vertically on the rear wheel and specially designed bullhorn handlebars.  Alternatively, if you're old school, you can stand TAUR™ folded or unfolded on the centre stand, ready to go.

Come Rain or Shine

Don't let a bit of water stop you from that joyride. TAUR™ has an IP55 rating (pssssst, that means it works in the rain) which means you can Mary Poppins your way through town.

TAUR In Your Pocket

Keep it moving with charge check-ups and the latest updates through the TAUR™ app – for Android and iPhone.

Over-the-air updates – stay up to date with the latest functionality

Battery notifications – know if you get low

Remote immobilization – disable your product wherever you are

Alarm settings

Lighting settings

Speed limiting

TAUR™ is a hyper-connected machine with a lot of software potential. We plan to deliver some amazing functionality for backers in the short term, but we've got plenty more on the roadmap. 

 The Nerdy Bits

 Range: 22 miles / 35km

 Max-rider weight: 115kg (250lbs)

 Motor: 500W, front wheel

 Top speed: 24mph (39kph) – limited by default to the speed limit of the country we’re delivering to (settings in app) 

 Tyres: 12.5", Continental®, pneumatic, kevlar-reinforced (puncture-resistant)

 Tyre change:  Approximately 5 minutes

 Enclosure: IP55 rated (ride in the rain)

 Max voltage: 50.2v

 Battery capacity: 405 Watt-hours (lithium-ion high power discharge)

 Hill climb: 12.5% (80kg rider going 12mph for at least 500 metres)

 Front light: 300 lumens Cree® LED, directional beam and side-on visibility (approx. 240 degree visibility of frosted portion)

 Rear brake light: 80 lumens LED

 Rear projection light: 100 lumens Cree® LED focused onto rider's back

 Front brake: Variable regenerative braking

 Rear brake: Hydraulic calipers (140mm disk brake)

 Charge time: 2.5–3 hrs (80% charge in 2 hrs)

 Charger: 125W

 App: Android and iPhone

 Digital lock: unlock with RFID key fob on headset, or via app with Bluetooth

 Display: RGB ring with integrated OLED display

 Frame: aircraft-grade aluminium, durable powder-coat

 Colour: TAUR™ White

 Handlebars: aluminum tipped in silicone rubber grips (hypoallergenic)

 Foot platforms: lightweight, high-strength aluminium alloy (die-cast)

 Total weight: 15.5kg (34lbs)

 Width of handlebars: 48cm

 Length: 110cm

 Height: 115cm

2-year protection

If your product stops working for no fault of your own then that's on us. We'll take care of any defects that happen up to 2 years after you take delivery.

Can You Trust Us?

TAUR™ might be the new kid on the block, but don’t let that fool you.

Our team consists of some of the smartest heads in the game, with resumes packed by the likes of Tesla, Apple and British Airways. Our combined decades of industry experience have allowed us to manage how design decisions impact unit costs and timelines, and create a product that we know you’ll love as much as we do.

In the two years since that very first sketch, we’ve iterated on 7 major manufactured iterations in our mission to create the ultimate road scooter, thanks to the use of our in-house R&D and test facilities. All that’s left to do now is to hit ‘print’ on that first production run.

Production isn’t unfamiliar to us either. We’ve worked extensively with our manufacturing partners in previous projects, overseeing the manufacture and QA on runs of over 100,000 units. That’s why we have no doubt we’ll do a great job for all our backers.

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