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STUR Skillet Review | Crowdfunded Project | Cooking

STUR Skillet: The German Cast-Iron Skillet - Made to Last
Your new everyday pan: replace your non-stick skillets with smoother & lighter cast iron that lasts forever. 100 % made in Germany.

The STUR Skillet is a cast-iron skillet designed for the 21st century: lighter, smoother yet with the same STURdiness as traditional cast iron. Built for everyday cooking and made to last.

Developing this skillet was a collective effort, made possible with the help of more than 12,000 cooking enthusiasts from our STUR community. Thank you all for your invaluable feedback and support!

But first, let us take a closer look at what makes our STUR Skillet the right choice for your kitchen. Here are 9 solid reasons for you to consider:

1. A Skillet for the Ages

Amazingly durable: The STUR Skillet is produced in Germany from one piece of cast iron. Cast with the highest precision and machined on the bottom as well as the inside, its robust material resists heat deformation and won’t leave you gripping a wobbly handle.

2. Non-Stick by Nature

Our skillets come polished and “seasoned”. In other words, we first use computer-controlled machines to smooth their cooking surface and then bake on layers of natural grape-seed oil.

The fine surface structure and oil layer (commonly referred to as “seasoning”) provide our skillets with their non-stick quality (comparable to customary non-stick coated skillets), while avoiding the chemicals otherwise used to achieve this effect. The same seasoning also protects our STUR Skillet against rust.

Should you ever be unsatisfied with your skillet’s non-stick abilities, you can simply re-season it yourself. No worries, we will show you how in our complimentary video demonstrations.

3. The Perfect Tool to Achieve the Perfect Crust 
Cast iron is known to store a lot of heat, thus making our cast-iron STUR Skillet the perfect cooking tool to give your food the desired amount of crust and browning.

Basically, the stored heat makes the water in the food evaporate quicker, while also creating deeply satisfying umami flavors. Yum!

4. Made in Germany

We are proud to say that our skillets are 100% Made in Germany. Working in close collaboration with specialized partners, we are able to combine traditional methods of production with high-tech manufacturing.

You may like the fact that our foundry, Gienanth, primarily supplies high-precision engine parts for German premium brand cars. (Legend has it they cast the engine of Bugatti’s first race car). The STUR Skillet offers further proof that outstanding products can still be produced locally.

5. The Right Weight

A long-lasting skillet requires a certain weight. Thin skillets quickly deform when exposed to high temperatures and are no longer able to transfer heat evenly. When designing the STUR Skillet, we made sure to reduce weight where possible, but decided to keep material where necessary.

Imagine an instrument, fine-tuned to cook up some great steaks (or vegetables for that matter). Weighing in at 5.3 lb, our 11-inch skillet is lighter than most other cast-iron versions available on the market and primed to turn each cooking session into an uplifting experience.

6. An Ergonomic Handle

We genuinely put a lot of thought into our skillet, right down to the smallest detail. 7+ years of experience from reviewing skillets and working in professional kitchens went into the process. With our STUR community involved and contributing to every important design step along the way, the STUR Skillet is just as much yours as it is ours.

Now, please help us bring this masterpiece of cookware to your kitchen, by backing our campaign!

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