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Quartermoon Comb by Oceanus Brass Review

Quartermoon Comb by Oceanus Brass
Nautically inspired & built to last tools.

Made to fuel your best self, The Oceanus Brass Quartermoon Comb gets the job done in the most efficient way. We set out to make a timeless grooming instrument that was both rich in history and classic in design. One that you would want to own and take with you on your day's journey, either on the open ocean or in the great outdoors. The result is a rugged and comfortable comb that sails effortlessly through your hair.

Performance is everything. The quarter-moonlike, sweeping arc that hugs your skull makes for fewer strokes and easier styling. Quality, satisfaction, and tradition come packaged with every comb.

Cut from a bar of solid brass, the Quartermoon Comb is naturally anti-static. Each comb is carefully hand-polished, ensuring smooth teeth and surfaces that are gentle on the hair and scalp.

Know what real trust means. Seamless and comfortable action removes any obstacles when shaping your style. A rustproof, working comb, ready to go when you need it. 

The Quartermoon Comb has been manufactured to thrive over decades of use, through all of the conditions you intend to throw at it. What was once a labor of love, is now a timeless instrument available for all, but we need your help to make this dream a reality.

Our products are steeply discounted off retail prices because we want to reward our very first customers. The opportunity to purchase a comb of this magnitude at this price is rare. With our finishing assembly, our master craftsmanship, the Quartermoon Comb, with your help, shall be accessible to all.

We stand behind the quality of our tools and the uniqueness and complexity of our hardware. Each piece has its own unique character that we hope will bring joy and nostalgia when put into action.

The Oceanus Brass Quartermoon Comb is currently spec'd to be as followed. As with any project not yet complete, these dimensions may change slightly over time as we optimize our manufacturing systems and the  tool's design:

 Length (Without Bow-Shackle): ~4 1/2" (115mm)
 Length (With Bow-Shackle): ~5 5/16"" (135mm)
 Width: ~1 11/32" (34mm)
 Thickness (Without Bow-Shackle): ~3/16" (5mm)
 Thickness (With Bow-Shackle): ~31/32" (25mm)
 Weight: ~2.5oz (72g)

The versatility of the Bow-Shackle made it an indispensable tool on the seas, and it continues to impress today. Although the brass Bow-Shackle is the statement piece of the Quartermoon Comb, we have made it independently available through this Kickstarter campaign as a gift for backers at our $10 tier. Creativity is your only boundary when putting the Bow-Shackle to use.

The Bow-Shackle makes for a helpful attachment point. There’s really no excuse for losing your Quartermoon Comb. You can easily attach it to your backpack, sailing jacket, or any outdoor equipment.

With our design roots in Boston, our company draws creative inspiration from the hub of America’s rich nautical history. In developing our products, our original prototypes and inspiration came from the old shipyards of East Boston.

The nautically-inspired Quartermoon Comb harkens back to a time of adventure on open seas, its durability a testament to the harsh demands of that bygone era. Our hardware is tied to the art and science of sailing and exploration. 

We’ve spent five months refining the Quartermoon Comb into its final, perfectly balanced form. Inspired by nautical-grade hardware, the Quartermoon Comb is Oceanus's statement instrument. Its unique rich color and practical beauty are perfect for everyday use, travel, or adventure.

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