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The Tetra Puzzle Review

The Tetra Puzzle Review- A beautiful and captivating mechanical puzzle composed of four identical pieces of stainless steel.

We're Craighill. We design and manufacture enduring objects that spark a sense of wonder. To preorder the Tetra Puzzle and bring it to life, click Back This Project. Or scroll on for more details. 

What makes the Tetra Puzzle special? It's a captivating and mysterious challenge to understand and unlock. It activates your spatial reasoning and manual dexterity skills in a way that's immersive and deeply engaging — some people call this a flow state, we call it Puzzle Time™.  😎

On first glance the Tetra Puzzle might seem fairly straightforward; in reality it's anything but intuitive. Solving it requires focus, attention, and an exploratory mindset that's innately gratifying. It pushes your boundaries — if only a little bit — and invites you to learn something new.

The Tetra Puzzle is a joy to keep coming back to. The weight of the object is satisfying, and the simultaneous movement of all four pieces remains enchanting even after you've mastered it. Stuck on a call? You'll reach for the Tetra.

Beyond its allure as a meditative object, it's incredible to watch friends discover the magic for themselves. Whether or not you provide hints is up to you.

The Tetra Puzzle is a little sculpture. When it's not in your hands, it's a beautiful object to display on a desk, shelf, or coffee table. 

The pyramidal form evokes ancient architectural wonders, and the trisected faces of each side feel at once familiar and otherworldly. What is it? How does it work? What is it made from? Why does it exist? 

Composed of four identical pieces of stainless steel, the Tetra Puzzle’s components fit together to form a four-sided pyramid (or tetrahedron) with sculpted edges and contours.

It's surprisingly hefty for its small frame, weighing 1.5 lbs and measuring 2.9" W x 2.7" L x 2.5" H.

he Tetra Puzzle is available in two different finishes: Stainless Steel or Vapor Black. The Stainless is classic, reflective, and showcases the metal in its natural state. 


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