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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Interview with Alica Aswani Finance Expert in Germany | Interview Video 01

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Interview With Alicia Aswani Finance Expert in Germany | Insurance and m...

Monday, 19 July 2021

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Keychron K7 - An Ultra-Slim 65% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Ultra-Slim | Wireless or Wired | Hot-Swappable Option on Low Profile Gateron & Optical Versions | For Mac and Windows | 15+ RGB Backlit

Keychron is back with another bang for our eighth Kickstarter campaign, the Keychron K7. The K7 is the world’s first ultra-slim 65% layout compact wireless mechanical keyboard, as well as the first low-profile Gateron mechanical keyboard that comes with a hot-swappable option to let you customize your per key typing experience with ease. 

We redesigned the low-profile optical switch to deliver a consistent tactile response on the hot-swappable optical version and the reinforced aluminum frame makes the K7 one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards on the market. 

You can connect the K7 with up to 3 devices with a stable Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection and it's compatible with both macOS and Windows. The K7 is packed with all the essential tech features in a 65% layout that’s designed to take up as little space as possible and help you accomplish any task effortlessly. 

The key to making the K7 ultra-slim yet durable is its premium materials. We spent over a year of effort to design our own low-profile optical switches and perfected the design to make it 40% slimmer than most conventional switches, while still providing an impeccable and consistent typing experience.

Together with the aircraft-grade reinforced aluminum frame as the K7’s pillar to make it durable yet still elegantly slim, the K7 is one of the thinnest wireless mechanical keyboards in the world.

Be ready to multitask without missing a beat by connecting the K7 with up to 3 devices via the stable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset and switch between your laptop, PC, tablet and phone seamlessly.It also has a reliable USB Type-C wired connectivity, so you can also connect the K7 to your computer with a cable. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Keychron K7 is compatible with both macOS and Windows. With the unique Mac layout, the K7 is one of the few keyboards on the market that comes with the same multimedia and function keys as the Apple keyboard to allow Mac users to work with comfort no matter if it’s at home, office, or even on the go.

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Saturday, 17 July 2021

The lightest ultra portable music stand Review

The lightest ultra-portable music stand reviews. Ever. Wee Stand.
Strong & durable music stand holds any media at multiple heights and angles, but folds small enough to fit in your pocket!

Do you play music every day?
For students, music teachers, or traveling musicians, a music stand is probably part of your daily life. Wee Stand by Noisy Clan is the portable music stand that lets you get straight to the music!

Do you see your kids getting frustrated with music lessons because they are struggling with heavy, awkward music stands? Are you tired of repeatedly wasting money on poorly designed music stands because they bend, break, or fall apart? Have your new instruments been scratched by sharp edges and pokey bits?

Every parent can relate to the weekday ritual; getting our kids fed, focused and laden like pack mules. Helping them gear up and get out the door is nerve-wracking on a good day...but there is always the proverbial straw.

For us, that straw came in the form of a music stand. Our kids had become experts at juggling it all; rucksacks, PE kits, instruments, music bags - and music stands. Seriously, it was always the stands that wouldn’t fit. These bulky, awkward creatures would poke, prod, and scratch, creating a domino effect. Normal morning mayhem quickly descended into a petulant, “I hate music practise anyway!” As parents and as lifelong musicians, we didn’t want anything to get in the way of our childrens’ joy in playing music.

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We decided to do something about it - to help our kids manage their stuff - and to make playing music be more, well, playful. We designed the world’s lightest, most versatile, ultra-portable music stand, that can be tucked right into a rucksack, music bag, or even a pocket without causing any damage or tears of frustration. Of course, the perfect stand has to perform - quick & easy setup, no sharp edges, fully adjustable, and strong enough to hold your heaviest songbooks. Yup, our stand has it all: Introducing Wee Stand by Noisy Clan.

 Our ultra-portable music stand was designed with exacting attention to detail. When you take a closer look, you’ll realise why it took us nearly three years to perfect this innovative music accessory.

We’ve spent countless hours designing, refining, and streamlining our music stand because we want to make sure you can perform your best, no matter where you are. Wee Stand was designed with obsessive attention to detail, making it better than every other portable music stand on the market. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this portable music stand.  Here are some of the exceptional features that make our music stand (dare we say it?) stand out:

Friday, 16 July 2021

Rotating Phone mount Review

Loop Mount Twist: Our new rotating phone mount
The mount that doesn’t compromise the look of your bike and lets you use your favourite apps in portrait mode.

We love exploring on our bikes and smartphones let us do it quicker and easier than ever.  But all of the phone holders out there were cheap and bulky plastic holders or need special cases just to work.

In 2020 we created the original Loop Mount. A discreet phone mount to help you navigate and use apps safely but doesn’t compromise the look of your beloved bike. Since then, we’ve been sketching, riding and testing. And now we're back, with the Loop Mount Twist.

We listened to your feedback, and now you can use all your favourite phone navigation and training apps in either portrait or landscape mode. We’ve re-engineered the product, so, whatever phone or bike you use, across any route and even over the most challenging terrain, your handset will be secure, allowing you to focus safely on the journey.

We’re all guilty of using our phones en route to navigate, even though we know it's dangerous.  Current phone holders on the market are ugly or need special cases just to work.  

At Loop, we’re cyclists first and foremost, which is why we designed a product that actually looked like it belonged on a bike.   

We wanted to make Loop Mount Twist for everyone, whatever their journey or setup.  It works with any mainstream smartphone, bike or bars.  There are a few exceptions, for things like aerobars and military style phone cases.

We designed Loop for every type of journey from road or dutch bikes to bumpy journeys on a gravel bike.  But we don't recommend it for mountain biking, doing jumps or BMX.

Fits all VanMoof models.

The feedback we've had most, is, "if only it worked in portrait mode". So, we listened, tested, and created the twist feature. So, whether using google maps, Strava, or any other navigation on your smartphone, the portrait or landscape choice is yours. 

It’s not just your bike that’s important to us, your phone is too. So, Loop Mount Twist secures it in place with 3kg’s of strong gripping force. Meaning the phone is safe, but not crushed. 

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This is not a plastic mount. We wanted to make a product that lasted a lifetime. So, we constructed Loop Mount Twist out of metal, using CNC technology, making it strong, whilst considering weight. Its versatility means that, if you change your bike, your Loop Mount Twist can move bikes with you. 

Thursday, 15 July 2021

DRILLOG The drill tipped dip pen Review

DRILLOG - The drill tipped dip pen "Made in Japan"
Experience a new level of writing with a pen made with aircraft grade precision.

DRILLOG is a new type of dip pen with a distinctive drill-shaped nib and a replaceable pen barrel.

The touch of the pen, which is different from that of a glass pen or a fountain pen, provides a comfortable writing experience like never before.

On kickstarter, we are challenging the crowdfunding mainly for the original DRILLOG nib and the new pen barrel with a colorful aluminum body.

The drill-shaped nib is the symbol of DRILLOG.

The nib is made by numerically controlling the metal cutting process to achieve a precise writing line width.

The 0.5 mm width is recommended for a wide range of applications such as delicate lettering and sketching, while the 0.8 mm width works well with glitter inks and sticky inks.

The spiral grooves on the side of the body hold a large amount of ink. With a single dip, you can now write long strokes that can fill a sheet of A4 paper with writing lines.

Durable nib made of acid-resistant stainless steel 

DRILLOG's metal nibs will not be damaged by touching the ink bottle. In addition, the acid-resistant stainless steel material allows you to use even slightly acidic or slightly alkaline inks without worrying about corrosion.

DRILLOG nibs can be washed off the ink in the nib by simply running it under water. If you want to wash them more carefully, just scrub them with a small brush to complete the maintenance. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner.

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The inked nib can be easily washed with water, so you can enjoy various inks at the same time, just like painting with paints. A new way to use dipping pens is now possible only with a metal nib.

The Portable Home Battery Review

EcoFlow DELTA Pro: The Portable Home Battery
Expandable capacity (3.6-25kWh) | Power almost anything (3.6-7.2kW) | Home battery ecosystem

Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, smart energy management, lower energy bills, and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next leap in portable power technology, offering you power security and independence, wherever you are.

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 From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, DELTA Pro delivers up to 25kWh of capacity. With that, you're covered for any situation. That's the industry gold standard.

A single DELTA Pro unit offers an AC output up to 3600W, which can be expanded up to 4500W with X-Boost. This allows you to power window air conditioners, washing machines, and other devices.

If you’re looking for more power during an outage, you can connect two DELTA Pro units to the Smart Home Panel. This method gives you up to 7200W through your home circuits and provides power for 240V devices.

For US,  preset wiring required to reach 240V

Or, for another option, connect two DELTA Pro units together with the Double Voltage Hub* to get 7200W, 240V to power heavy-duty devices. That’s enough power for your electric heaters, dryers, and other heavy-duty devices.

Only applicable for the US and Japan.

DELTA Pro is the world’s fastest charging portable power station. Multiple charging delivers record-breaking speeds at 6000W. To reach 6000W, you can opt for one of these multiple charging methods.

EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology isn't just fast, it's safe too. The battery management system ensures safety and longevity while you fully charge DELTA Pro from a standard AC wall outlet in 1.8 hours. DELTA Pro also has an adjustable AC charging speed from 200-3000W that gives you a flexible charging option.

For the first time ever with a portable power station, you can charge up at thousands of AC level 2 EV stations worldwide. This unique charging method gives you up to 3000W fast charging on the go.

Friday, 2 July 2021

The Keyboardio Model 100 Review

The Keyboardio Model 100 is a customizable ergonomic mechanical keyboard designed from the ground up to work the way you do. 

The Model 100 features 64 hot-swappable mechanical keyswitches, individually addressable RGB LEDs under each custom-sculpted keycap, and open source firmware, all housed in a precision-milled hardwood enclosure.
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