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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Yoga pose with laser light Awesome Video

Snow Melt Driveway Mats

Smart People at work video

OTF & Automatic Knives

Fastest Method to catch fishes

Body control Robot!

Best Ladder Ever Portable Ladder

Monday, 30 August 2021

Phone gimble new tech

Man flying with drone amazing technology

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Count object using your phone

Friday, 27 August 2021

This ELectric Air Taxi Has 100 km of Flying Range!

Security by Robots Future Technology

New Design boat

Best Tech Gadgets and Life hack

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Podbike New Design

Humanoid Flying drone

Easy Egg cutting hack video

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Smart Gadget life hack Mirror

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Gadget for your laptop and mobile phone both

Awesome Gadgets Ultmate life hack for everyone

Aishaa Sharma | Guest Blogger at LTR Magazine | FREE guest posting webs...

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Monday, 16 August 2021

Wearable Chair New tech gadgets

Shopping Foldable Trolley

Portable Disposable Emergency Raincoats

Foldable electric scooter

Friday, 13 August 2021

Transparent smartphone best

Portable bathroom tub

Cutting Board with Containers Sliding Stainless

Clothes Storage Bag Organizer

Bathroom Mat | Best Bathroom Mat For Every Home

Awesome Gadgets for home | Gadgets | Best Life Hack Gadgets

Amazing gadgets For Everyday life | #Coolgadgets

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Reusable Shopping Bags

Plastic Safety wear while eating food

Moza Gimbal Stand Review

Household ladder folding drying rack

Hot Hair Straightening Brush Argan Oil Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium Hair ...

Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

Easy wiring set up at home

Cool Gadget Life Hack Part 003

Cool Gadget Life hack part 002

Cool Gadget Life hack part 001

Car Disco LEDS

Tego Bag Review And Details | New All in One Travel Bag | Crowd funded P...

#Tego #Bag_Review And Details | New All in One #Travel_Bag | Crowd funded Project 
Tego Roll-And-Go Ultimate Travel Bag
Mix & match sections to create the perfect adventure kit. Adapts to carry toiletries, chargers, gear, tools, & life’s little things.

The Tego Adventure Kit is a revolutionary customizable carry solution for your everyday essentials — designed BY you, FOR you.  Because who better to design your bag than you?

Your next companion for your everyday adventures — mix & match 7 unique sections to create the ultimate bag for any occasion.

Going on a weekend getaway? Take a section out. Off on a safari? Add a few. Tego adapts itself to you, not the other way around.

What you carry is as unique as your fingerprint - so we created pockets for everything. Tego comes with seven sections to start, but we won't stop there! Let us know what types of sections YOU'D like to bring on your adventures.

Tall skinny items fit in a variety of elastic pockets and loops. Liquids go into a waterproof compartment. Cords go around wraps that keep the ends separated. Big items like deodorant and chargers can go in mesh pockets or two zippered pockets.

It still handles toiletries effortlessly, but now, it fits everything else YOU carry...mascara and bike tools, dongles and dog toys, chargers and cables, utensils and stencils, spices and devices.

Seven sections (for now) that you slide together to create hundreds of carry options for your stuff.  327 to be exact.

Every section has a slide on one side and hooks on the other so you can create the perfect bag for any occasion. And just to make sure they are as durable as the rest of the bag, we tested them 5,000 times.

Each Tego also comes equipped with YKK zippers (because they last forever).

The Tego Travel Kit received rave reviews, with overwhelming demand for a new, improved third generation for everyone to use.

All plastic bottles used for production have been through the entire consumer usage process.

If you are reading this, you probably want to know why you should trust me to deliver the Tego Adventure Kit.

Well, the biggest reason is because this is our THIRD Kickstarter project.  This project incorporates everything we learned from shipping our first two Kickstarter products to 5000 backers and customers around the world.

Tego all the feedback we received from the backers and from the invaluable 35 Tego Testers, who have spent hours with us dissecting their experience with our products. I can’t wait to see Tego change the lives and ease the routines of people everywhere.

I like to make things. The biggest thing I’ve made is an airplane (Van’s Aircraft RV-8).

Yeah, the kind you get in and fly. I flew it all over our beautiful country - mostly places where taking tools along is a pretty good idea. Somewhere along the way I found getting smacked in the face by a floating wrench really hurts.

That’s when I fell in love with tool rolls.  The pockets keep everything organized and it's easy to see if you’re leaving a wrench buried in the grass. A few years later, frustrated with every Dopp kit I've ever had, I made one for my toiletries. Then a few friends asked for one, then a few more and now, 5,000 customers later, it’s gotten a little out of hand.

As we grow, our focus remains on building products that invite adventure, and building relationships with our customers that drive the designs of our products to new heights. Let’s roll!

We are able to ship worldwide. VAT and GST not included. Please see reward for details on the shipping cost that applies to you.

We plan to ship starting in FEBRUARY 2022*. We will keep you up to date on our progress and the expected delivery date of your order. 

*Actual ship dates may vary. We will keep you notified of your product ship date.

By backing now, you’ll get to own one of the very first products off of the line, plus exclusive access to provide valuable feedback that will shape future generations of the product.

As of August 2021, our professionally prepared shipping estimates are expected to be in the following ranges (depending on shipping speed and rewards/perks chosen). 

These shipping charges are based on our expected volume and could increase or decrease slightly. The shipping charges shown are the estimated costs PER Tego Adventure Kit. Multi-pack purchases will receive discounted shipping rates.

Like what you're seeing? Want to help? Just 30 seconds of your time could make the difference in growing the community. Hit one of the buttons below and tag a friend or coworker who needs this!

The more people who know about us, the larger our community will become! And the larger the community, the better we'll be able to make the product!

We can't do this without you.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Smallest washing machine

Samsung Galaxy X2 Look | New Tech Gadgets | Latest Gadgets and Smartphones

Motorcycle Helmet Ears

Iron Man helmet,Christmas gift ideas

iPhone 13 phone design concept

Gdragon Review | #Gdragon is Amazing For Gamers

Smart Phone foldable | Cool Smartphone | New Design phone

Foldable smartphone in 2021

Asus gaming Phone

Quadruped Robot With AI Modules Explained

#Quadruped_Robot With #AI Modules Explained #robot
XGO-Mini, An Advanced Quadruped Robot With AI Modules
12 DOF, omnidirectional, and agile. XGO is an advanced quadruped robot that can interact with you by voice and image.

XGO-Mini is a desktop-sized AI quadruped robot with 12 degrees of freedom which can achieve omnidirectional movement, six-dimensional posture control, stable posture, and a variety of motions. 

Equipped with a 9-axis IMU, its joint position sensor and electric current sensor is able to reflect to its own posture and joint rotation angle and torque, which are used for algorithms verification and exploitation, and can be programmed by computer to alert poison words and python programming. It is designed for education, research, algorithm verification, and entertainment.

XGO-Mini has fully functional AI modules which can facilitate both entry and advanced-level AI applications. The Al modules come with the features of visual recognition, voice recognition, and gesture recognition giving XGO-Mini the ability to hear, recognize and reply to users like a real dog. It also can track multiple colors and recognize QR codes, April Tag, and DataMatrix, etc. Through different programming, it can achieve more functions beyond your imagination.

Mask Detection

Gesture Recognition

Object Analysis

AI Chip
XGO-Mini’s AI module has a built-in Kendryte K210 Chip, featuring RISC-V processor architecture, audio-visual, standalone IP core, and strong programmability. It supports images, audio, video, machine learning models, and other types of materials stored in a Micro SD card.

XGO Team has collaborated with Canaan by using its Kendryte K210 Chip, the most powerful edge computing chip, designs for both visual and semantic recognition, widely used in various scenarios. Canaan is a leading provider of supercomputing solutions, distinguished for superior cost-efficiencies and performance.

12 Degrees of Freedom

Based on inverse kinematics, XGO-Mini’s 12 active joints enable it to move forward, backward, left, and right and support omnidirectional movement and the superposition of motion in multiple directions. 

 More about the joints 

 XGO-Mini, as a quadruped robot, can mimic the motion of a dog walking and has certain advantages like walking on uneven terrain and extremely rough surfaces. It can even adapt to avoid obstacles by adjusting its height. With its unique bionic system, XGO Mini can perform any dynamic movement.

XGO’s joints are composed of DC motors, reduction gears, sensors, and control circuits, with a servo control PID algorithm system. Subverts the traditional steering gear without closed-loop function, 360° angle controllable, angle recognition accuracy 0.088 degrees, with built-in acceleration, start and stop function, making mechanized actions smooth and realistic (Design By Luwu Intelligence, Made By Feetech)


Built-in IMUs capture XGO-Mini movement data and generate a highly flexible & stable motion performance. Through the posture data obtained by the IMU, closed-loop control allows XGO-Mini to adapt to external forces, adjust to the target posture of the manual action, and enable the teaching function.

When its feet are not moving, the motion control of six degrees of freedom of the body can be actualized. It has unprecedented mobility which coordinates all instinctive and sophisticated movements.

One-button Design

XGO-Mini comes as an assembled kit, so it's ready to be used. With its one-button design and exclusive app, you can interact with XGO-Mini right away with ease. With the Edge Computing Chip, AI can run on local systems and can be controlled without the Internet and mobile.

App Control

 Open-source and DIY Your XGO-Mini 

XGO-Mini also allows users to program it with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and Python AI system. Everyone can create their own functions for XGO-Mini for education, entertainment, and commercial use. Unlimited programming possibilities help you to explore, learn, and have fun.  If XGO-Mini is not enough for you, we will provide you an advanced version, XGO-Ultra.

All Metal Design

Monday, 9 August 2021


Silicone Foldable Water Bottles

Rain Boot Waterproof Shoes Cover Women Men Kids Reusable

Meet all your needs for cutting, shredding, peeling, slicing, vegetables...

How to Remove Old Ring Easy life hack

foldable mosquito net no installation portable mosquito net diy crafts h...

Fast Home Threading gadget

Dance mat | Awesome Gadgets | Latest Technology and Gadgets

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Best New and fast cutter

Cool gadget for lemination at Home

Multi charger Point new tech


Amazing Drone Mini

Electronic Piggy Banks | New Cool Gadgets | Tech Gadgets

Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera for Adults

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Mobile Charging Hack

Easy Life hack for Daily

Easy fingure safety Gadget for vegitable cutting

Best new Style Ladder for Home

Friday, 6 August 2021

Portable keyboard new tech

Perfect security lock for your drawers

New Tech For everyday life

Multiple mobile charging gadget

Cleaning Tech for Your Car

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Reusable match stick lighter

Mini Electric Makeup Brush

Easy Toothpaste removal technique

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Video of FlipPack Bag Review | New Design Best Bag Design | Safe Bag Design

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YesWelder FIRSTESS Cutter Review | Welder And Cutter Crowd Funded Project

YesWelder FIRSTESS™ MP200 5-in-1 Welder & Cutter | Tech News Blog
Make your dream projects a reality with a versatile machine for MIG, FCAW, MMA, TIG welding and plasma cutting. Right from your home.
It’s finally here. The versatile welding machine designed for DIY projects. Giving you the power to build anything, right from home.

The MP200 is a powerful 5-in-1 machine that combines the four most popular types of welding and plasma cutting into one lightweight package. Made for your home or workshop, it opens up a world of possibilities - at a price point that would have been impossible before.

We are YesWelder. And we’re on a mission to make welding accessible to everyone by bringing industrial-grade technologies into a consumer-grade machine. For the past 15 years, we’ve been focused on manufacturing high-quality welding machines and equipment for professional welders and enthusiasts around the world.

The DIY hobbyists of the world have exciting projects in mind, and they want to build them right where they live - home. Whether it’s a new stool for the kitchen, or a firepit for the backyard that everyone can gather around on a Saturday night. And what better time to start than now?

What’s wrong with today’s welders?
The problem is that most welders today are very limiting. They can only handle one or two types of welding. And they almost never include plasma cutting. That means you’ll need several expensive machines just for one project. It’s a waste of money, patience, or shelf space.

This makes welding seem out of reach for beginners, causing them to delay their dream projects or forget about them entirely. We’re here to change all that.

The MP200 is the most versatile 5-in-1 welding machine specially designed for home DIY or maintenance projects. It’s a true multi-process welder, so whether you're welding MIG, Flux-Cored, TIG, or MMA, or cutting through a new piece of metal, it will perform like a Pro.

The answer is simple. You can use just one tool to get endless jobs done! That’s the beauty of 5-in-1.

*Disclaimer: The pictures above represent welding project ideas that can be fabricated using the MP200. They are not made using the MP200. The list is not exhaustive, and we look forward to seeing more creations.

As the easiest style of welding to learn, MIG welding is especially popular with home welders for its excellent control on thin metals. Built especially for home use, the MP200 uses a synergic control mechanism when performing MIG welds. That means when you set the current, the MP200 will automatically match the voltage and wire feeding speed for you, making it really simple to use.

Loved for its versatility, MMA welding can be done even under windy outdoor conditions. The MP200 even allows you to use those tricky 6010 rods to build yourself a sturdy shop stool or mend fences around the property — no matter the weather, and no gas tank required.

If you’re looking for an unbreakable bond, the security of flux-cored welding is hard to beat. It’s great for handling thicker metals, so it will have no problem mending your machinery or helping get that motorcycle on the road after you finish repairs.

TIG welders hide hours of work behind beautiful welds that look clean and precise. We went above and beyond to equip the MP200 with a lift start for TIG that’s been optimized to reduce spatter, offering you a smoother weld and greater control in a more user friendly design.

Need to resize a piece of metal for your motorcycle frame? Cut through anything all on the same machine. The MP200's plasma cutter will cleanly slice through steel and can sever up to 1/2'' (12.7mm) steel. Giving you perfectly flat edges to work with — without ever switching tools.

The MP200’s 4.3’’ high-pixel display puts everything you need on one big, bright, colorful screen. Making it easy on the eyes, and easy-to-use even for beginners.

And switching between welding styles and plasma cutting is simple. Just turn the dial to select the full color icon you need. The images are intuitive and easy to recognize, so it’s always clear which style you’ve selected. And you can easily choose your gas type and clearly monitor gas levels.

The MP200 is the most user-friendly welder we’ve made yet - smart enough to know which settings you need for the job. Just input your material thickness and gas type, and the MP200 will adjust the current and voltage settings for you. Making it the perfect guide if you’re new to welding or starting a project you’re unsure of.

And if you’re a seasoned welder, you can ditch the cruise control by overriding default current and voltage settings and revert to manual for greater control over your welds.  

The MP200 makes your work even simpler with its smart Memory function. Once you find the voltage and current settings that match your style, the MP200 will remember them, storing up to 10 memory options for each type of welding. Keep your favorite settings on tap for next time you put the gloves on.