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Monday, 8 November 2021

Blade Cutter xtool M1 Review | New Kickstarter Project | Crowdfunding

#xTool_M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & #Blade_Cutter

The Versatile Desktop Cutter and Engraver for Everyone - Innovative | Powerful | Easy to Use | Affordable Normally, a laser cutter can perform very well on many materials such as wood, metal and glass. However, for some soft materials such as vinyl, which can be used for DIY T-shirts, sign making, logos and more, a blade cutter is preferable to avoid the burnt edge, discoloration and toxic fumes generated by laser cutting. With xTool M1 which has both the laser and blade heads, you don’t have to waver between a laser cutter or a blade cutter (or breaking the bank to buy both). Your ideas can be realized on just one machine. Our goal was to create a powerful tool for everyone. The biggest challenge was to achieve adequately strong laser cutting and engraving power at an affordable price. xTool M1 intelligently captures images, designs, and drawings from any surface and then imports them into xTool’s graphic design software for further creative design. The AI system automatically detects the shape of the material and processes the same ones in batches at one time.

AI Auto-focus

xTool M1 initiates auto-focusing, including visual identification, material thickness setting and material recognition so you don’t have to set the cutting parameters by yourself.

Intuitive Software

Equipped with specialized software, xTool M1 allows you to work seamlessly on Windows / macOS / Android / iOS devices. With the new xTool Laserbox App, you can control M1 with your smartphone even without an internet connection. Now, during our Kickstarter campaign, we are offering the best-ever price of xTool M1 starting from only $699. That is less than 1/5 of Glowforge's price, but still gives you about 80% of the functions of Glowforge Plus + Cricut Maker 3. The Rotary Attachment unlocks 360° engraving for cylindrical objects from 3mm to 70mm in diameter (with the raisers provided), with which you can customize a wide range of cylindrical materials. *If you keep raising the machine, you can engrave objects in larger diameter. Currently, due to worldwide supply chain issues, shipping prices are heavily inflated. To ensure you get the best possible rate, we will charge the shipping fee AFTER the campaign, closer to the shipping date. Our current estimate is that shipping will be around 10%~18% of the order price, including tax & duties for most regions (Around 15%~25% for Australia and New Zealand). We can promise that the shipping fee we charge will be no more than 18% of most regions (no more than 25% for Australia and New Zealand), we will cover the excess part if it costs more. Note: The safety class of xTool M1 is Class I (FDA Certified). We are on track to receive FDA/FCC/CE-LVD/EMC certifications before March 2022, which are necessary for delivering our products to the US, EU and most areas in the world. We are in the process of building an xTool Community for all of our users to learn, create, and share. In our xTool Community, we will provide: Multiple project cases with detailed instructions including digital design files, step by step instructions, materials checklists, and parameter settings. Millions of digital design files for you to download.

Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Tuck Bike Review | Technology and Gadgets YouTube Channel | New Foldable...

Tuck Bike - The BIG bike for small spaces

The first folding bike with folding wheels. A full size bike that fits under your desk and is fun to ride whether you fold it or not.

The first folding bike with folding wheels. A full size bike that is fun to ride on your commute or a weekend trip. Flexibly folds to fit under your desk or in your hallway. Easy to take on the subway or the trunk of your car.
 3 Folding Options to Fit Your Space

    The Curtsy: quick and narrow for hallways
    The Quickie: just the frame when you're in a rush
    The Full Monty: the most compact fold

Life is always changing, so we made 3 folding options and you can pick whether you need to save time or save space.
The Curtsy - Quick and Narrow

Storing in a hallway? Fold the handlebars in a flash with the hallway Curtsy fold. No more snagged cardigans!
Turn me sideways, mark me absent
The Quickie

Trying to catch a busy train? We get it - you don’t need the full fold - Snap in half in 5s flat.
Quickie on a train
The Quickie
The Full Monty - The Smallest Package

Need to pack that puppy away? The Full Monty Fold fits in the trunk of a compact car. Reach suitcase size in less than two minutes. Our wheels fold in thirds and tuck inside the frame. No need for any tools.
Hidden in Plain Sight
The Full Monty


“I’ve seen this bike being developed over the past few years and I’ve ridden each iteration. This is a legit bike. Other folding bikes are only good for a short hop to the station, this bike is good to ride all day, every day. I’ve seen the commitment and dedication of Alex up close and nothing will stop this guy delivering these bikes.”

Dave Boone, Owner of Towne Cycles and Master Mechanic, Oakland.
Alex visiting Dave Boone of Towne Cycles, Oakland

"I loved my first ride on a Tuck Bike! It felt smooth, safe and comfortable, and I was amazed at how nicely it fit in the trunk of my car when it folded"

Misha, San Francisco

"I was shocked at how exceptionally smooth the Tuck ride was. I was expecting to at least notice the folding wheels while riding, but I didn't at all! It felt like I was riding a regular bike with a secret super power."

Brittni, Berkeley

So Fancy We Got Famous - Featured On
 “City-living often equates to living with much less square footage, so this space-saving bike is a great solution. ”

Emerald Pellot. In the know! By Yahoo

 ---- Benefits ----

 A Great Bike Whether You Fold or Not

When you’re on it, it’s a smooth riding regular ‘ol bicycle - what you’re used to and what you expect, but when you fold it…..oh boyyy, ain’t she the cutest?! If you’re going to fold your bike, this is the best way to do it. We’re talking about a full size bike with a conventional frame, that folds down to the size of a suitcase.

A lot of folding bikes focus on getting small, but sacrifice a geometry that handles right. Our conventional frame means it handles great, it’s comfortable and it’s fun to ride. 
Ride Smooth on 28" Wheels
Full size 28" wheels. Full size frame.
Easy to Store

Fits under your desk, in the trunk and on the train. Compact folded size of 26x16x34 inches (65x40x86cm).
Tucked in the back of a Chevy Bolt, a subcompact hatchback
Keep your bike under the bar table
Tuck Bike fits under your desk
Portable - Rolls When Folded

Who wants to carry a folded bike around? No one! That’s why we attached caster wheels so you can roll while folded. Snappy magnets hold the folded frame together.
Roll your bike effortlessly on the casters
Rolls when folded
Let's GOOOOOOO!!!!!
Freedom From Flats!

Ever unlocked your bike and realised you have a flat? We got you covered - our Gecko Rubber foam tires are impossible to puncture. They’re a revelation, offering the same grip and handling you're used to. Richard Adams at Gecko Rubber has custom blended these slicks to suit your hectic urban lifestyle.
Puncture proof foam rubber tires
 Stop Faster With Disc Brakes

Powerful braking come rain or shine - 160mm disc brakes. They’re mechanical so much easier to maintain than hydraulic brakes. 
 Easy To Fold

No tools needed, balances itself while folding
Tuck Bike stands alone

    Limited Early bird - Medium size - single speed folding bicycle - $1695 ($300 cheaper than Retail)
    Limited Early bird - Large size - single speed folding bicycle - $1695 ($300 cheaper than Retail)
    Medium size - single speed folding bicycle - $1795 ($200 cheaper than Retail)
    Large size - single speed folding bicycle - $1795 ($200 cheaper than Retail)

N.B. Sales tax will be calculated and collected before delivery.

 How Do The Wheels Fold?

The wheel is split into three equal parts: imagine a pizza cut in three slices. You stack the pieces up and that’s how it folds.

We reinforced the rim at the ends and hold them together with wedge clamps, so the joints are actually the strongest part of the wheel. Each third of a wheel is independently strong and true and when assembled together, they’re even stronger. There's a final clamp at the hub, and you need at least three clamps to open before any segment can fold. The foam tires mean you can fold and unfold the wheel without having to deflate or inflate.
What goes into a folded wheel?
 Tuck Bike vs The Competition

You can get a small wheeled folding bike that’ll fold smaller than a Tuck Bike, but we know you’ll have more fun riding on full size wheels. A medium size Tuck Bike folds up smaller than a small wheeled Tern Verge P10 (22” wheels), but if you want the absolute smallest package, you should get a small wheeled folder. We’d love you to be out on a Tuck Bike, but most of all we want you out riding. Let’s see how we stack up shall we?
20” vs 28” diameter wheels, which would you rather ride?
Folded size comparison of a small wheeled folder and Tuck Bike

And do those 20” wheels allow a smaller fold?........Yep, but not by much.

 Tuck Bike Specs 
What Size Should I Get?

We're offering a medium for riders 5'1 - 5'8 and a large for riders 5'8.1 - 6'2+.
6'0 Alex on the Medium
5'5 person on the Medium

Our wheel is safe. It’s passed comprehensive testing by an independent third party. It meets the international standard for reliability (ISO 4210-7:2014) and the American Consumer standard (CPSC 16 CFR 1512.18 (j)), completing over ¾ of a million impacts on a rolling road while overloaded and still going strong.
On and on and on
 Design Evolution

In 2017 I was riding my first folding wheel - I’ve spent four years developing it and now it’s ready for you. Re-inventing the wheel is a crazy hard thing to do, but the good news is - the hard part is done. We’re ready to place the order with the manufacturers and deliver you some kick-ass bikes.
How many times can you re-invent the wheel?
Alex and Rama prototyping in the early days, Nairobi, Kenya.
Who’s Behind Tuck Bike?

Hi! I'm Alex, inventor, engineer and bike lover. I invented Tuck Bike because I wanted a full size bike that I could take anywhere. There are other folding bikes, but I wanted a bike that I actually wanted to ride. I’ve spent my career in manufacturing and automotive engineering, including working on the hybrid Range Rover and the Jaguar driven in the Bond movie Spectre. I led the design team at car startup Mobius Motors, and worked in manufacturing to put our first cars on the road. I've worked with many suppliers in Asia. Industry experts helped hone the design to give you the best bike we can think of.