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Single Piston Solenoid Motor Plan

Here we have a pdf download of the plan for the Single Piston Solenoid Motor. An electric motor with a difference. The power output is low, but the action and the sound are fantastic. You can use this as a starting point for a more optimised design or for a multi-piston design. I built and tested the original version of this before moving onto a V-twin.

single piston solenoid motor plan

The plan consists of 17 A4 pages and includes drawings of all of the parts along with a general arrangement drawing and a circuit diagram. Material suggestions are made for each part along with a few notes to help the builder.

This is a simple build that took me around 2 days in the workshop to make. However, I would say that you should take some time, enjoy selecting the right materials as the end result is a delightful executive toy that you will enjoy for hours. Download the Single Piston Solenoid Motor Plan, print it off and pour over it for hours determining materials, slight changes and your approach to machining.

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