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Review of Vespera - The world's most compact and powerful exploration station

 Review of Vespera - The world's most compact and powerful exploration station | Way to observe the universe.

Wow! Vespera is your exploration station, the perfect combination of a telescope and a camera.

Smart and fully automated, it is a revolution in the world of Astronomy. We completely redesigned the experience of observation by opting for the most comfortable eyepiece: your mobile device combined with our app. You can now access the wonders of the Universe with ease. Thanks to Vespera, you can explore and observe the night sky, capture your own photos of celestial objects, learn about the Cosmos, and share your discoveries all in one place. Super easy to use, just set up the tripod using the adjustable legs, and press the button. Let Vespera come to life and calibrate itself through the GPS of your device and our Star Field Recognition technology. Using the app, select the object you want to observe, and Vespera will point and track it. Our app is your space center, the place where you decide where you want to go. Very intuitive and user friendly, you can easily access any stellar object in our catalog. You will also get personalized recommendations on what to observe according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar. You will beguided each step of the way on your journey to reach the stars. Have you ever dreamed of photographing the Cosmos? Vespera integrates the technology allowing you to observe and shoot deep-sky objects effortlessly. You can now memorialize galaxies, nebulae and so much more. Here’s what you can do with Vespera. Quadruplet Apochromatic Refractor There are two kinds of telescopes: reflectors (mirrors) and refractors (lenses). Mirrors need to be adjusted very often when refractors keep a perfect alignment during all their life. To avoid any optical default, we developed our home made optical design based on 4 lenses in 2 groups. This system is one of the best on the market: 0 distortion, 0 chromatic aberration, 0 astigmatism. Vespera guaranties you the sharpest stars for many years and the perfect optic to follow you wherever you go! Sony sensor The latest Sony sensors have an incredible sensitivity in low light. That is the reason why we chose them to provide the best sensor for Vespera. However, a sensor is not enough. We developed our own electronic card to make sure that heat management stays optimal. A hot sensor means a lot of defaults, so our sensor board is designed to dissipate the maximum amount of heat. Image processing algorithm Like our previous product, we worked in partnership with the Raspberry Pi computer manufacturer to guarantee you the best software & hardware performances. We embed the last Raspberry Pi technologies, working with our patented image processing algorithm to get the best of the Sony sensor. Our team of engineers are working all year long to provide regular software updates to always offer the best product on the market. In Vespera, several million tasks are processed between the moment the lens captures the starlight and the moment you see it on your mobile device. Autofocus As with any kind of photo, the focus is crucial in astronomy. The outside temperature changes during the night, so we developed the only astronomical instrument with autofocus that adjusts automatically for the entirety of your observation. Designed for wanderers, Vespera is the lightest and smallest smart telescope in the world. So tiny, it can fit in your backpack. Weighing less than 5 kgs, you can bring it with you everywhere to explore new places, and live even more unforgettable moments. We are proud to share the same passion as two legends of Space Exploration. Scott Kelly, former astronaut, pilot of Discovery space Shuttle, holds the record for the longest stay in Space in one mission. He also worked on the Hubble telescope. Terry Virts was commander of the ISS, and has the around-the-world speed record in 47 hours. Credit - For more technology Reviews visit -

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