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TUSHÉ Review | The Modern Wet Wipe Alternative

 TUSHÉ | The Modern Wet Wipe Alternative- Designed To Replace Single-Use Plastic Wet Wipes For Good!

TUSHÉ Review
Meet TUSHÉ, the modern wet wipe technology. Sophisticated, simple to use, sustainable, and more sanitary than dry toilet paper – we are upgrading your bathroom experience. With its premium engineered components and modern minimalist appearance, TUSHÉ is a product for anyone and everyone. The result is a refreshing, hygienic experience that can be used inside the comfort of your home.

TUSHÉ is truly the best solution for wet wipes. Our touchless technology dispenses a luxurious foam onto your toilet paper, giving you an eco-friendly, natural, and flushable way to clean your tushie. Developed for the healthy, hygiene-conscious, and eco-responsible lifestyle, TUSHÉ increases personal cleanliness and reduce the environmental burden of outdated wet wipes.    

We have reinvented the wet wipe into something that is more sustainable and hygienic for you as well as our planet. It is our mission to positively impact the environment while also enhancing people’s lifestyles.

What's wrong with using a wet wipe?

Most wet wipes are made of Polyester, a form of plastic that sheds fibers as it slowly degrades into smaller particles, polluting our land, rivers, and oceans. 

Other wet wipes are made from "regenerated cellulose," which includes materials like Tencel, Viscos, Rayo, and Lyocell. While these products are marketed as "eco-friendly," the truth is that we still don't fully understand how these processed materials do or don't biodegrade in the natural environment.

All wet wipes are made of cloth-like materials, compared to toilet paper they are significantly thicker. Toilet paper will quickly breaks down in your septic system which means it won't be left in landfills or enter our oceans. 


Our mission is to reduce plastic waste by eliminating single-use plastic wet wipes. Due to the large minimum order quantities, we are financially limited as a small business to pursue more eco-friendly options for our packaging. While our bottles are 100% recyclable plastic, our next step will be developing and transitioning to more innovative, environmentally-friendly alternatives. 

Stop flushing your money down the toilet!

Looking at the graph above, we are wiping out the competition in all categories. There is no other wet wipe on the market that is eco-friendly, natural, flushable, and offers more bang for your buck than TUSHÉ.

Every starter kit includes a dispenser, cleansing foam, wall attachment, and USB charging cable. After the campaign ends, you'll receive a survey that allows you to add more bottles of our cleansing foam to your order.  

WE HAVE REACHED OUR STRETCH GOAL. You will have the option to choose between two colors: pearl white or charcoal grey. In the future, we hope to expand our dispenser variations to meet all of your diverse aesthetic needs.

Our TUSHÉ dispensers are designed to be compact and versatile. Dispensers can be placed anywhere in the bathroom of your choosing. Our favorite location? Right next to the toilet paper for easier access. 

Our estimate for standard shipping charges is based on the expected volume of our campaign and is subject to change depending on the final result. These charges may also change if you add more products during the survey process such as extra bottles of cleansing foam. We want to keep this process as simple, transparent, and accurate as possible.
Customs, Duty, and VAT charges: in some cases, international backers will be required to pay additional fees. As these are beyond our control, it will be the backer's responsibility to cover these fees once they have received the selected reward. Any questions regarding this additional charge should be addressed directly with the backer's customs office.

For the last two years, our team has worked to bring you the perfect TUSHÉ. Our goal was to deliver a simple design that is visually appealing in any bathroom. We are so appreciative of our incredible production team for their help throughout the entire process. In addition to avoiding any harmful ingredients, we have implemented countless butt-wiping tests to ensure that our formula is 100% safe for daily use. We are excited to share TUSHÉ to the world and replace the outdated wet wipe FOREVER!

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