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Buffalito by BuffaloGrid | Crowd Funded Project

Buffalito by BuffaloGrid │A Smart Lamp and Power Bank

Introducing BuffaloGrid’s “Get Power, Give Power” campaign and Help Us Bring Power to the Next Billion

BuffaloGrid presents the Buffalito, a multi-purpose lighting and mobile charging device. 

Each Buffalito sold supports BuffaloGrid's "Get Power, Give Power" campaign to raise awareness of the global power problem and to play our part in solving it.

Each Buffalito sold will help support our work providing power to the 1 Billion people worldwide who lack reliable access to grid power. This helps to transform lives as people are now able to charge their cell phones so they can stay connected, and light their homes, enabling them to work and read late into the night. 

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Charge the Buffalito in just 50 minutes and it provides enough power to completely refill a smartphone battery, while still working as a light for hours.

BuffaloGrid’s mission is to remove internet adoption barriers by providing free power to charge mobile devices and digital services to connect the Next Billion.
The Buffalito is designed to act as a portable and cost-effective way for millions of people to transport and store electricity. It was created to compliment our solar-powered BuffaloGrid Hub. The Hub is a solar-powered charging station designed to sit in the centre of a village in a shop or public building where people can charge multiple phones and power banks at once.

The Buffalito packs a LOT of features into its small size. Whether living in a busy, modern city, or in a rural village, the Buffalito has a use for you!

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