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Erae Touch Review |

Erae Touch: the Expressive Music Controller.
Keys, drumpads, sliders, sequencer, launchpad, polyphonic, ultra sensitive and reactive. Bring your music to light.

Compose, Mix and Play from a single controller.

Play melody with polyphonic expressivity, control multiple parameters for each single note, create harmony with simple chord arrangements and build complex rhythm patterns on a large screen.  All from the same music interface!

Explore new gestures and new frontiers in multimedia and electronic music.

This multitouch pad makes the best use of the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) protocol.

This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics and is more accurate in microtonal variations. Granting faster information transmission between your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

Rediscover your favorite synthesizers by triggering multiple effects at the same time with XYZ/3D-Pads, polyphonic aftertouch, released velocities or arpeggios effects.

All those features allow for true expressive and musical gestures such as glissando or portamentos, vibratos or pitch bends for every note you play.

Create your own layout with simple elements 
 From action keyboards and settings adjustment to rhythmics objects:

Erae Touch has everything you would expect from a traditional MIDI controller and inherit from the innovation and new standard in the music industry.

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