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Nightbuds Review | Smart earbuds for better sleep and relaxation

NightBuds- smart earbuds for better sleep and relaxation
Experience sleep like never before: Immersive, intelligent audio to help you improve and enjoy your sleep.

NightBuds are tiny, sleep sensing headphones that work with an app to intelligently look after your sleep. 

Developed with sleep scientists, NightBuds help you transform your sleep and relaxation naturally through audio. Escape stress, an active mind, snoring, noisy neighbours and find the perfect, peaceful sanctuary to enjoy your sleep & relaxation.  

We got our start right here on Kickstarter nearly 6 years ago with a belief that technology can help everyone enjoy a better night's sleep. After shipping over 30,000 headphones and helping over a million sleeps we’ve distilled all the feedback, lessons learnt and ideas to create the Kokoon NightBuds.  

Perfect for side sleepers these soft & tiny earbuds sit deep within the ear secured via a patent-pending five-point anchor system. 

 Relax to your favourite audio, letting sleep sensors detect as you fall asleep, bookmarking your place and then gently fading out your audio

Created with sleep scientists, NightBuds monitor your sleep providing personalized coaching, insights and tips specific to you, to improve your sleep.

Experience immersive 4D audio and escape to incredible soundscapes. Click here to experience an early example developed on our 4D soundstage - Listen with In-ear Headphones! Final experience optimised specifically for NightBuds  

Intelligent noise-masking and passive noise blocking help mask out snoring, noisy neighbours, traffic and can even help with tinnitus.

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The past 12 months have seen us develop numerous designs, tests and iterations of NightBuds.

We enlisted the help of our Kokoon Beta community - ranging from current customers, our most ardent sceptics, and curious newcomers - to trial the NightBuds at each stage of their iteration, to ensure we would arrive at the most comfortable sleep headphones possible.

We invited just a few of our Beta members to share a deep dive into how they got on...

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