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Moulin Salt Mill Review

Moulin Salt Mill | Salt to Perfection Every Time
More than a salt mill—it’s a salting experience. Corrosion-resistant, 50+ grind sizes, lasts forever.

Moulin Salt Mill (pronounced moo-lahn) combines the best features of pro-grade mills into a device that will outlive its owner. 

Whether you want a sprinkle or shower of salt, Moulin makes it effortless with 10x more output than standard mills and 10+ adjustable grind options. To top it off, its exquisite, minimalist design enhances any kitchen or dining setting. 🧂

Instead of putting your coarse-grain, medium-grain, and finishing salts in 3 different bowls, Moulin has 10 grinding levels so you can adjust with precise granularity to the ideal size.

The external dial hits everything between a fine powder (around 0) and a coarser grain (around 9). It technically goes "below 0" and "above 9”, plus in between each number, giving you 50+ grind options.

Best of all, the grain adjustment dial is on the outside of the mill.
You don't need to stick your fingers (probably covered in raw chicken juice) into the burrs to adjust the grain size or flip the mill mid-grind to see which setting it’s on. Simply turn the dial to your desired setting.

 Calling all kitchen divas, barbeque ninjas and everything in between!

If you want a salt mill that lives up to its claims of longevity and performance, Moulin is exactly what you’re looking for.

Despite the science, most “designer” and “pro-grade” salt mills use grinding mechanisms made of steel. And it doesn’t matter if it’s steel, stainless steel or carbon steel—eventually, salt corrodes all 3.

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