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Nomad Shoe Review Video

Rens NOMAD : The All-in-1 Waterproof Coffee Shoe
100% Waterproof | Breathable | Odor-Resistant | Lightweight | Sustainable | Active Lifestyle

 After revolutionizing the everyday shoe with Rens 1.0 - Original Coffee Sneaker, we are back to give your favorite athletic shoes a run for their money. We’ve taken our signature sustainable coffee material and 100% waterproof protection and combined them with performance features to unlock your full athletic potential. 

The World runs on coffee. Now, so can you.

NOMAD features our new AquaScreen™  3.0 technology. Along with our 100% waterproof guarantee, this new dedicated membrane is lighter, twice as breathable, and built for any activity.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this new barrier offers you the freedom to run, hike and explore—in any weather conditions. 

Puddles beware.

NOMAD features our newest innovation, the SkyStep™ Performance Midsole. Precision air intakes placed at the heel and sole increase ventilation and breathability while maintaining total waterproof protection.

Specially engineered channels flush out hot air on the downstep, and pull in cool air on the way up. This creates a lighter sneaker with increased flex and more responsive cushioning.

ClimatePartner guarantees that all climate emissions of the product will be calculated, reduced and offset via recognized carbon offset projects.

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