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Stainless Steel memobottle Review

Stainless Steel memobottle
The water bottle reimagined. Designed flat to fit in your bag and in your life.

A bottle designed to fit in your bag - and life. 
You shouldn't have to think twice about bringing water. 

That's why we reimagined the humble water bottle to always fit - in your bag and life.

Seven years ago, we brought you the original memobottle. 

Now, the memobottle is back with a brand new look.

Available in Matte Black and Matte White

 Designed to fit - everywhere 

Early prototypes shown
Make the most of the space you have. 

The memobottle’s flat, paper-inspired design allows it to fit next to the things you carry every day like laptops and books.

Whether you’re packing for work, play or travel, you'll find space you never knew existed.

Made for travel  

Early prototypes shown
Born from a desire to reduce the impact of single-use bottles, the memobottle is designed to ensure you never leave your bottle behind again.

Its compact nature allows it to fit where other bottles can’t - like handbags, back pockets and cross-body bags. It even fits in aeroplane seat pockets!

You’ll be hydrated anywhere and everywhere you go. That's one less excuse to not carry a bottle, and one more reason to stay hydrated.

Built to last  

Mass production sample
Formed from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, the new Stainless Steel memobottle is stain-resistant and robust. Its luxurious satin powder-coat is both delicate to the touch and scratch-resistant. 

Gentle curves, laser-etched detailing and a polished mouthpiece perfectly complement the bottle’s durable design.

Final Product Specifications

Design Process   

Early Prototype (painted logos) vs Current Production Sample (debossed and laser etched logos)
At memobottle we are obsessed with the finer details. We geek out on product design on a daily basis, we are driven by design and innovation and are very conscious of the impact that production processes can have on our environment.

With the Stainless Steel memobottle, we wanted to take the essence of the original memobottle, and distill it into an even clearer silhouette. The bottle’s sense of balance and refinement is the result of many, many iterations, both digital and physical.

It follows much trial and error and constant rejection by suppliers who didn’t believe it was feasible or possible to create such a bottle.

We are thankful that we endeavoured, and have reached an outcome that we are all so proud of.

And so it comes with immense joy - and relief - that we are able to finally release this object to the world

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