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TourBox Elite The Ultimate Bluetooth Controller for Creator

#TourBox_Elite The Ultimate #Bluetooth_Controller_for_Creator
Delivers an intuitive editing experience and accelerates your workflow.#photographers#illustrators #video/audio editors#designers
Firstly, we want to show vast appreciation for those who supported us from the get go in 2018, enabling us to transform ideas into reality. 

Beginning with the Kickstarter campaign, we connected with nearly 2,000 backers and quickly expanded the TourBox community to tens of thousands of people across the globe. 

TourBoxers have contributed insightful comments and suggestions, providing the inspiration needed to modify and improve the quality of our products.

Now, we are delighted to present you with our next-gen creative controller - TourBox Elite.

TourBox Elite, an unparalleled Bluetooth editing controller, is engineered for digital content producers.

Whether it's brush control, video and sound editing, image manipulation, parameter calibration or tool switching, the TourBox Elite is the most intuitive way to do it. Get rid of the clumsy keyboard and start taking control of the entire creative process, with a single hand.

As a dual-channel Bluetooth controller, TourBox Elite loads with features such as pinpoint control (lag-free) algorithm, customizable UI and macro command, providing users the highest level of precision and customization. 

Complimented with the most advanced haptic feedback technology and featuring the TourMenu plugin and upgraded components, the TourBox Elite will help you achieve sleek one-handed operation with improved productivity and performance.

Over 100K photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, directors, audio and video editors, musicians across various professional industries are using TourBox daily to master their creation. 

1. Illustration - Dive into the seamless workflow 

Enjoy the instant access to features like canvas rotation, image zooming in and out, brush control, etc. All to keep you focused in your illustration.

Adjust size, hardness, weight, opacity etc., with a simple turn of the knob.

Rotate the knob to select your desire brush tool, zoom in and out with the versatile scroll, hold and press the buttons to drag images across the screen, and use the D-pad to seamlessly switch between key shortcuts and tools. 

Say goodbye to the unnatural movements on the keyboard. 

2. Photo Editing & Retouching - Stay focused on the image only

The TourBox Elite allows you to fiddle with your single hand. You can just focus on the images, hit the buttons, turn the knob and get the work done! No more searching in the parameter bar. 

Glance through your photo stocks, select and rate them at ease.  

Go mouse-free and swiftly work on adjusting exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights with a simple turn of the knob, in editing apps like Lightroom, Camera Raw and Capture One.

Adjust parameters accurately and rapidly, different gears of speed can be calibrated based on your needs.

Adjust the entire image or isolate specific parts or objects in frame (including lens correction, layer masking) in real time without a keyboard and mouse.

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