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Sawing & Grinding Lathe Machine

LathePro, Desktop Drilling, Sawing & Grinding Lathe Machine Modular drilling, sawing & grinding machine makes it easy to build woodcrafts, metal wares, plastic items and more, right on your table Have you ever dreamed of a machine that could set your creativity free with the power to do it all? With LathePro, a modular versatile desktop lathe machine specially designed for home DIY and maintenance projects, you can do it all. It’s a true multi-process machine, whether you're drilling, grinding, sawing, milling wood, metal, or engineering plastics, it will perform like a Pro. LathePro is designed with 7 functions in total for any home DIY, maintenance, or craftwork projects. The core functions of LathePro - drilling, sawing and grinding, allow you to shape materials like never before. Watch your creations come to life as they are shaped by your ideas and imagination! Sawing, grinding, and drilling are the basic functions of LathePro. Functions of Milling, Wood Turning, and Lathing are enabled with additional modules All parts of LathePro are delivered highly pre-assembled for convenience. The clever design allows anyone to get started fast. Setup takes just 30mins and your DIY creations can begin. LathePro is designed with expandability in mind. Add-on modules allow a multitude of advanced functions that allow you to perform more complex operations. The machine combines 3 core functions - Grinding, Sawing, and Drilling, but thanks to the flexible modular design, you can transform LathePro into a Milling machine, Lathe Machine, Wood Turning machine, and even a Hand Tool with its different add-on modules. The ability to upgrade LathePro gives it incredible versatility and lets the machine expand as your projects require. Lathing Machine (Realized by the Lathing Modules) Boring Milling Machine (Adopted with the Boring Milling Modules) Wood Turning Machine (transferred with the Wood Turning Modules) Hand Tool If you wish to see more real videos of LathePro, just click the pic below and visit our Youtube Channel! Check out a few of the items created by LathePro! You can explore your unique creativity and enjoy the process of building virtually anything including household accessories, mockups, toys, crafts, decorations, prototypes, and more! If you can imagine it, LathePro can help you bring your ideas to life! To offer ultra-safe operation for all users, LathePro comes with safety precautions built-in to help prevent injury. It is safe enough that it’s a great way to get children started in crafts! For further safety, it is also equipped with over-current and over-heat protection functions. LathePro is designed with all-metal construction for more precise & smooth operation. It is an accurate and high-quality tool for DIY, crafts, and precise wood and metalwork. LathePro features a high-power motor that operates up to 20,000 rpm to boost your productivity. LathePro has a fine-scale of 0.02 mm and anti-loosening fasteners to enhance the machine’s accuracy. The strict tolerances help you to achieve precise machining to create exquisite crafts. LathePro is a professional team with years of experience in design and manufacturing. We are focused on innovative, desktop lathe and tooling machines for home, educational and professional applications. Our mission is to bring unprecedented quality to DIY’ers and hobbyists around the world. Please join us and bring your creativity to life! For more tutorial and operation videos, please check our YouTube channel!

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