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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Land Rover Discovery - tech Reviews | Everything about this Car

Are you looking for a car- best on rough route?

Here is the thing, a car when turned on in beast mode, gives you comfort even off road. This is Land Rover Discovery- best in ride on hard yards, our LTR team ran it for seven months to test its full strength. It is luxury off- road car, best for long drive on any route.

Rough and tough Land Rover Discovery

    Car that can give you comfort on rough route

After driving this car we have only one phrase to define its performance-" Love you Land Rover Discovery" and this love is with a positive vibe. Actually Discovery was launched last autumn We liked it then and we like it now, and we have every reason to share with you "why you will also like this Car."

Land Rover Discovery - tech Reviews

    Price Starts from:  £43,140 starting | $58,000 | £64,195 Basic price | high level - £74,420
    Seat Capacity - 7
    4x4 with all luxury you expect from its rivals
    All four wheel drive and Eight speed automatic gear-box
    Broad and off - road car, best for travelers
    Best at towing, using all seats and broad interior
    Camera all around, assists you in every possible way
    You won't struck anywhere in the world, even on snow
    Sound system - lovable
    Urea Exhaust system
    You car monitor the dilution
    "You can go where others can't think of reaching, with this car"
    Tank capacity - 18 liter, you can go 9000 miles in that
    It goes where others don't

Rivals of Land Rover Discovery: a Bentley Bentayga is too, plus a bit more sporty; and a Lamborghini Urus or Porsche Cayenne are keener still on road. But we haven't found any rival when it comes to beat Discovery off-road.

Land Rover Discovery_ tech Reviews

Before you look at the price of "Land Rover Discovery_ best off road luxuary car" or even the basic price - £64,195 which is huge amount. And you might end up in a situation of empty pockets. You might lose all you savings for it, but this is not unusual, take a look around the car and its features.

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Please comment if you have experience this most versatile Car, share some reviews so other readers may know what you think about -" Land Rover Discovery"

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Latest free website for Guest Blogging

Latest free website for Guest Blogging are must if you are looking for free backlinks. Guest blogging is the only methods for generating  quality backlinks and for that your website. 

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Sit back & relax, we are to help you in this- – In this article we are writing reviews about Top Guest Blogging Websites where you can share your knowledge along with giving links to your website, read on and find out which one suits you the best.

Success with free guest blogging
How to get online Success with free guest blogging

Top Guest Blogging Websites | Tech Reviews
Here is the List of Blogs that allow guest posting:-

ShoutMeLoud: | Submit Guest Post
Kissmetrics: Submission guidelines
The Huffington Post: Submission Guidelines
The Sits girls: How to submit
HellBound Bloggers: Write for us
Content Marketing Institue: Submission guidelines
HubSpot: Submission guidelines
Outbrain: Submission guidelines

YourStory: Submit guest post

Daily Blog Tips: Daily Blog Tips | Submit Guest Post Submit Guest Post

Smashing Magazine: Guest post guidelines

Inc42: Contact for guest post Read guidelines before submitting
Technology – Guest blogging sites
Guest posting for free
How to do Guest posting for free in 2018

How to guest post for free?
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Free Guest posting for seo
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SEO Novices
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Moz Blog : It is the best blogging platform where you can write and post for the purpose of SEO.
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Who is the founder of LTR magazine?

Who is the founder of LTR magazine?

This is tech blog founded by Murari Sharma. And our social media platform is "LTR magazine" where we share Latest Reviews of technology and trends.

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I always welcome people for guest posting on my blog, and like to meet people with creative ideas.(-CEO: Murari Sharma)
CEO of LTR magazine
CEO of LTR magazine
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Founder of LTR magazine
CEO of LTR magazine

Free Guest blogging on tech Blog

Monday, 28 May 2018

The best Movie Trailers 2018 | tech Reviews

The best Movie Trailers 2018 | tech Reviews
 Did you see that? :D

Phone of the Year 2018- OnePlus6

Phone of the year -2018: OnePlus 6, why we are calling it so, read and know what amazing features that this phone have to become the best phone of the year 2018?
It is the best-value phone for its price- $529 or more depending upon your locations, but we have to confess that this phone has everything equal to its price.
It is the unique quality of the company that made magic again with the launch of OnePlus6 and here is the thing, though. This Phone has cool hardware and features that many people want and thankfully OnePlus could genuinely fulfill that.
Though OnePlus is a Chinese company but now it has gathered enough trust in the hearts of millions and millions of users from different countries. And you can say that the phone doesn’t support wireless charging but it charges well using Dash charging in few minutes.
And why would you compare this phone with iPhoneX?
Both has different companies and brand value, in fact price of OnePlus6 is much less that iPhoneX but has same features like face unlock, though it is not that much secure. It is because this phone can be hacked into without the owners permission, but hacking takes a lot of time, and it is not a child’s play. It takes someone professional hacker to do that, so don’t worry you are safe with this phone.

Price of OnePlus6 – $529 or more | Read : Why you should not buy OnePlus6: Phone of the year?

Best battery Backup

It has batter backup of around 14 to 15 hour after once  fully charged, and the best part to compare with iPhoneX or Pixel 2XL is that it last longer than both the phones.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Game of Throne Season 8 | tech Reviews of final Ending

Game of Throne Season 8 | tech Reviews of final Ending. Read about the most popular TV serial ever and reviews of its final season in which it will be decided- who wins the Game of Throne and who dies.
The shooting of the final season has been completed and it is very difficult to suggest one particular end of "Game of throne" because directors have shot multiple endings of the season and which end will be finalized, it is still not confirmed.

But we have captured some possible endings of "Game of Throne" here - just for you friends.
  1. Mother of Dragon Wins the"Iron Throne"
  2. Jon Snow Wins the "Iron Throne" and Khaleesi dies
  3. White Walkers win the"Iron Throne" and kill everyone else
  4. Arya Stark - "Girl is Noone" wins the "Iron Throne" and kills all the people in her killing list: 
  5. Cersei Lannister Wins "Iron Throne" and kills white walker
  6. Theon Grayjoy may also win the "Iron Throne"
  7. Tyrion Lannister may also have some chances to win the throne
  8. Sansa 
  9. Bastard son of the king Robert Baratheon 
  10. Bran Stark : He has strong chances of winning the Iron throne, it is because he has been kept alive through out all the seasons and now he has some power of watching everything happening in the world.